Which type of animals do Foreign Tourists love to See During Game Drives in National Parks?

Tourists at the entrance of the Arusha National Park with a large elephant statue framed behind. (Photo by Marc Nkwame)

So! Which one particular African wildlife species do people like to see when setting out on Safaris in the parks?

While it usually depends on personal preference, but the African Wildlife Foundation recently conducted twitter polls, collecting views from globe trotters, regarding which type of animals they prefer to see on during their adventures in Africa.

This is Especially while undertaking game drives in East Africa, precisely Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania where tourism is all about wildlife.

The Question was ….

‘What African Wildlife Species Would you like to see on Safari?

And the answer is …..

Well, before we get to the results, it is important to know that at least 140 people, many being globe trotters, voted on the poll which pitted four types of animals for them to select their favorite species from.

The animals that were listed for competition on the polling site included, the Lion; said to be King of the Jungle, the Giraffe the skyscraping mammal; the giant Elephant and spotted Leopard.

Tall, Majestic and Beautiful, you would think the Giraffe would win the contest, but this Tanzania’s national emblem managed to get only 12 percent of the total votes, thus tagging last.

Most recent photo of Giraffes at the foot of Mount Meru (Photo by Marc Nkwame)

The Lion, the legendary hero in all tales and fables. Panthera Leo is also known as the ‘King of the Jungle,’ but failed to earn the ‘King of Polls’ with just 22 percent of the votes in its favor.

The Leopard managed to reap 28 percent of total votes from people who would rather spot the spotted one during their safaris.

Which leaves the world’s largest land animal, the Elephant, trumpeting to victory as the most sought after wildlife species during game drives in the parks.

The Jumbo managed to get 38 percent of total votes in the African Wildlife Foundation poll.

Scrolling down the comments, one Nigel Dickinson prefer not to take sides.

He chose “All of the above!” saying “I know its kop out, but would love to see them all, plus many more.”

Why the AWF decided to list only the four species is something which they didn’t explain when floating the ‘favorite wildlife’ poll.

A handler with ‘Leveragist’ tag, realized that the favourite species wasn’t listed. The ‘Snake!’

But outside the AWF poll, the Tanzania Times which an authoritative news outlet for the Eastern Africa Region, managed to interview a group of visitors from Estonia at the Tarangire National Park.

“We chose Tarangire for one thing, elephants. We prefer to see the jumbos in large groups and this can only be achieved in this National Park,” stated the group leader, Kaldo Haagen.

So, once more the Jumbo wins. But should this be the official choice for all?

“On my part, give me the Tarangire pythons any day,” says a Tanzanian tour van driver, John Andrea.

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