UK Member of Parliament Tracey defeats Cancer, conquers Mount Kilimanjaro and raises USD 200k

British Member of Parliament, Tracey Crouch who travelled to Tanzania on charitable mission of raising money for breast cancer treatment, has successfully realized the goal of collecting 150,000 pounds.

She did it after successfully climbing and reaching Africa’s highest peak, the Mount Kilimanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania.

Leading a team of other women from the United Kingdom, MP Tracey managed to conquer the Uhuru Summit of Kibo, through the Lemosho route, three years after she defeated cancer back home in Britain.

And so impressed with the Tanzanian voyage such that she offered an educational scholarship to one of the female porters working on Kilimanjaro, after being impressed with her services.

The Legislator made the pledge after successfully completing her journey to the Uhuru Summit, a rather challenging feat that few climbers manage to accomplish.

And she credit it all to the team of guides and porters who supported her throighout the journey to the roof of Africa.

“I am really impressed by the female porters and guides working under tough conditions on Kilimanjaro,” Tracy Crouch stated upon arriving at Mweka gate, slightly exhausted.

“Still, I would like to see more women working on Kilimanjaro but under a better and more conducive environment,” the MP from the UK maintained, before dishing out scholarship to one of the guides.

The lucky Mountain Porter is Mariam Lucas Teele, aged 32, a resident of Sanawari area in the Sekei Ward of Arusha City.

She started out simply as a dishwasher at mountain camps, after completing education.

Mariam later became a porter and has been lugging up baggage for Kilimanjaro climbers for the last three years.

The female porter works for the ‘Big Expedition and Safari,’ the tour company which handled MP Crouch’s voyage to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The ambitious Mariam plans to enrol at the nearby Mweka College of Wildlife in Moshi.

She wants to undertake guiding studies through the sponsorship from UK.

The Managing Director of Big Expedition and Safaris, Angel Minja is admits that Mariam Teele is indeed a hardworking member of staff, who handles tasks initially meant for muscular men, with ease, thus deserving the scholarship from UK.

 “The MP Tracy Crouch’s expedition was a Deluxe VIP trip, which called for proper service and handling,” she explains, adding the climbers enjoyed their trekking.

Tracey led a team of seven women from England, for the expedition.

They managed to raise nearly USD 200,000, which should be around BP 150,000 as charity funding for breast cancer treatment back in the United Kingdom.

MP Crouch a former UK Sports Minister, is Conservative Member of Parliament for Chatham and Aylesford constituencies.

The British Member of Parliament together with other women scaled Mount Kilimanjaro, which features Africa’s highest peak, as a charitable mission for Breast Cancer Kent, the charity which supports her.

 As it happens, Tracey Crouch was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 but after undergoing treatment, has been cured of the disease.

Now together with six other women, Tracy climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, in Moshi, Tanzania, to raise funds for cancer treatments in aid of other women.

Tracy says she wants to not just give something back to the charity but also accomplish all the things that she had always wanted to do.

The money raised from their Kilimanjaro expedition will help Breast Cancer Kent acquire the state of the art equipment that speeds up diagnosis times through the procession of biopsies at a much faster rate.

The MP Expedition started their climb on July 29, 2023 through the Lemosho Route.

After summiting she trekked back to the Mweka gates on August 5, 2023.

Her Kilimanjaro climbing mission was organized by the Action Challenge of the United Kingdom in association with the ‘Big Expedition and Safari,’ firm of Tanzania.

Team leader, Collette Stewart explains that the Action Challenge has been organizing inspirational challenge events and adventures in both the United Kingdom and Worldwide, since 1999.

“Our expeditions are usually for individuals, groups, companies but with special emphasis on charities and other humanitarian services,” she adds.

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