Fishy Business? East African Residents avoid Seafoods

Which countries consume more seafoods in Africa?

Well, none of them are in East Africa.

It seems the residents of East African Countries are steering away from eating anything taken from the oceans.

Despite having a considerable share of the Indian Ocean, Kenya and Tanzania are not among African countries listed high as far as Seafood Consumption on the continent is concerned.

And when they eventually eat anything from the sea, it is always the ordinary tried and tested fish, nothing more adventurous.

The two East African countries share more than 2000 kilometers of the Indian Ocean shoreline as well as the several Islands dotting the sea.

Oysters, Shrimps, Crabs and Prawns or the giant whales will never be found on dinner tables in most households belonging to residents of Kenya or Tanzania.

Their other East African Siblings, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan fare even worse and the fact that they happen to be landlocked seafood doesn’t get anywhere near their kitchens, let alone dinner tables.

A specialized fish market in Bagamoyo, on Tanzanian coastline which sells all types of seafood

The Democratic Republic of Congo, the largest of the seven East African Community Member States, may have an inlet into the South Atlantic Ocean, still doesn’t make it into the top ten of sea food eaters on the continent.

DRC neighbour’s across the river, which is Congo Brazzaville however, happen to be among the biggest consumers of seafood, people there are tucking in 29 kilograms per capita, per year and ranking second on the continent.

This is according to the data compiled by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

Gabon tops the bill as far as sea food consumption goes, with a total of 30 kilograms per capita in a year, according to FAO.

Gambia comes third with a 27 kilogram per capita per year, in sea food consumption.

Then at Number Four comes Ghana with a seafood consumption of 25 kilograms per capita, per annum.

Sierra Leone closes the top five sea food consuming countries in Africa with an intake of 24.5 kilograms per capita in a year.

At number six enters Egypt with 23 kilograms per capita per year

Angola is being slotted in at number seven with a seafood consumption of 20 kilograms per capita per year.

On the same position with Angola the Ivory Coast also records the same 20 Kilograms intake of seafood, per person in a year.

Morocco is at number eight on the continent with each of its citizens consuming 19 kilograms of food from the sea in a year.

Senegal people also eat an average of 19 kilograms of seafood per person in a year.

Cameroon with a seafood consumption of 18 kilograms per capita per year is ranked at Number 8 on the continent.

At number 9 comes Benin with an average sea food intake of 17 kilograms per person in a year.

Tunisia closes the top eleven of the leading sea food consuming countries in Africa with an average of 13 kilograms per capita in a year. 

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