Ahoy Lake! Here sails the largest ship on Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest inland Lake on the African Continent and now the biggest ship in the Great Lakes Region has been commissioned to sail on its waters.

Tanzania is floating the largest vessel in East Africa to traverse around all the major ports on Lake Victoria.

The ship is christened MV Mwanza. Its hull bears the ‘Hapa Kazi Tu,’ Moniker.

The massive machine was being built at the Lake Victoria’s Southern Berth and Port.

MV Mwanza officially plunged into the waters of Africa’s biggest Lake for its maiden voyage on Sunday, February 12, 2023, backed with … eh. a ceremony.

Stretching to the length of 93 meters, the new MV Mwanza a marvel of local engineering constructed from scratch on the shores of Lake Victoria.

The Ship has the capacity to carry 1200 passengers as per official manifest.

Now, the passengers’ compartments on the huge ship are divided into the ordinary wagon (economy), Business Class and the VIP department.

The first- and second-class cabins come complete with all creature comforts and modern facilities.

But other than ferrying people MV Mwanza can move 400 tons of Cargo as well as 20 vehicles.

With such features, MV Mwanza, is thus becoming the largest vessel yet to sail within in the great lakes region of Africa.

The Great Lakes Region is the precinct in which one may find large water bodies such as Lakes Nyasa, Victoria and Tanganyika.

They are all found in the East and Central African Region.

As for the new ship, it is starting out to serve all the three countries on Lake Victoria that is Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Some people have even labelled it as the ‘Lake Victoria Titanic.’

The vessel gets to ply between Mwanza and Bukoba ports in Tanzania as well as Kisumu port of Kenya and Port Bell in the Nakawa Division of Kampala, in Uganda.

In total Tanzania has 31 ports operating on the shores of Lake Victoria but MV Mwanza is bound to be making calls on just three or four of them that happen to be the largest.

The major ports in Lake Victoria are the Mwanza South Port and Mwanza North Port.

Both Ports are connected to road and railway in the country and neighboring countries and have many facilities including Weighbridge, Oil tanks, Workshops and Passenger Lounge to support various operations within the Lake

It is still not known if MV Mwanza voyages will also take the big ship to some of the Islands floating on Lake Victoria.

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