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Ethiopia the Abyssinian land of wonders and Mystery

Several archaeological findings in Ethiopia’s Afar region go quite some way in suggesting that the country could have actually been where all mankind originated from.

Why Tree Climbing Lions of Lake Manyara are more defined than those in the Serengeti Plains

The lions of Lake Manyara that seem to be scaling trees far more often than those in either Ngorongoro or the Serengeti plains..

UK Member of Parliament Tracey defeats Cancer, conquers Mount Kilimanjaro and raises USD 200k

Leading a team of other women from the United Kingdom, MP Tracey managed to conquer the Uhuru Summit of Kibo, through the Lemosho route, three years after she defeated cancer back home in Britain.

Snakes and Ladders: The deadly world of Black Mambas

From the Biblical Eden story to the deadly encounters in the wild, People have always been wary of snakes. Here comes the Black Mamba

America’s Tennis Legends, The McEnroe Brothers to stage first ever game in Serengeti December 2023

The brothers are expected to play the first ever tennis match in the Serengeti National Park on December 4, 2023 in the so called 'Tanzania Epic Tour!'

World Largest Floating Library sails into Dar-es-Salaam in October 2023 after her Mombasa voyage

Calling port in Tanzania happens to be the ship's part of the ongoing itinerary of its maiden voyage around the world having started in the Middle East.

The Journal

You Can Now trek along Elephants from Udzungwa to Nyerere National Park in new tourism package

The proposed walking Safari between Udzungwa Mountains and Nyerere National Park, allows visitors to trek on foot along the new 12 kilometers route, cutting across several local villages keeping adjacent to the soon to be fenced wildlife corridor.

Scottish Harp Manages to string Another World Record on Mount Kilimanjaro

Siobhan Brady, a harpist from Limerick, could have just broken her own world record in dragging her Scottish harp to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and playing a close to twenty-minute concert at the 19,000 feet elevation.

Where did the Name ‘Somali’ Come From?

Somalia, has always been making headlines globally, whether on positive or negative notes, but where exactly did the name 'Somali,' originate from?

Are Black Rhinos about to return to the foot of Mount Meru?

Replanting Rhinos at Arusha National Park should essentially be a 'second coming' for the horned ones. A few decades ago, these ferocious mammals used to roam freely and in large numbers at the foot of this Tanzania's second highest Mountain.

Mto-wa-Mbu: River between Man, Beasts and Mosquitoes

You cannot bypass nor ignore Mto-wa-Mbu hamlet when travelling to Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Natron or Lake Manyara

Two Mountains vying for ‘Third’ highest peak slot in Tanzania

Still, there is another mountain, the Loolmalasin found within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area which is also emerging to claim the country's ‘third highest peak’ title.

Lufthansa announces special air fares between Berlin and Dar-es-Salaam from October 2023

Don't wait until end of year rush, travellers who want to fly between Berlin and Dar-es-salaam, Lufthansa is already rolling out packages for October 2023

Mwanza the Rocky City on Lake Victoria Shores

Mwanza has it all, the fishing industry, tourism, historical monuments and culture, why it doesn't feature high in east africa's travel industry is still a mystery

Floating the Serengeti Skydiving Idea: Get ready for it!

Serengeti National Park receives an average of 455,000 tourists per year, making it the flagship destination for Tanzania National Parks which also managed Mount Kilimanjaro as well as 21 other parks in the country.

The Broadside

Why Is Dar-Es-Salaam City Not Attracting Tourists?

Tourists visiting Tanzania would rather take those selfies in Serengeti, Manyara or Zanzibar, but never be caught dead in Dar-es-salaam

Sub-Tropolis: World Largest Underground Cave

There is always something lurking under any city. From Arusha, Tanzania to its sister City of Kansas in the US, the sinister hollow features beneath can be intriguing

Days when Supersonic Concorde Flew Tourists into East Africa

The iconic first and only Supersonic Passenger Jet Concorde did make two landings in East Africa with more than a decade between the two trips. The maiden landing of the Jet Concorde took place at the Embakasi Airport in the Kenyan City of

Aquatic Gombe National Park gets linked inland via newly carved Road

Water phobic tourists have all reasons to grin. They can now get to Gombe, the Chimps Paradise without having to brave the waters of Tanganyika, which is Africa's deepest Lake with a mind of its own. The Gombe Stream National Park, which for

President Nyerere’s Dangerous Crater drive and how it ‘saved’ Ngorongoro

When President Nyerere intervened into the 'battle' between the Conservator and Regional Commissioner, the Crater was 'Saved.'

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